Sony XL 5100 replacement lamps

The SONY XL-5100 is also known as:

XL-5100U XL-5100E F-9308-760-0
XL5100U XL5100E F93087600
XL-5100J F-93087600

SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp is specifically designed to fit the following SONY projectors/TV listed below:

KDS-R60XBR1 KS 60R200A

If your SONY device (projector/TV) appears in the above list, then keep on reading, there might be some really useful information for you!

Technical Information:

  • Product Model:
  • SKU:
  • Wattage:
  • Type:
  • Lamp Life:
6,000 hours
  • Shipping Weight:
2 pounds
  • Dimensions:
12 x 14 x 9 inches

Product Preview:

  • Tell me why I should buy this product?

Firstly, if you’re using a projector/TV that appears in the list above, then you will sooner or later need this SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp. The original lamp inside the device starts to wear out from the minute you use it – then finally your color will start to fade, or lose its intensity. However, since this process of burning out is gradual over time, it’s really difficult for users to notice and decide when it’s the perfect time to replace the original lamp. Changing it too early is simply an unnecessary waste of money, but changing it too late might cause you to buy a new TV!

Below, you can find some of our tips to help you decide if it’s the right time for a SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp.

  1. One of the most obvious sign is when the bulb burns out which is often accompanied by a clicking sound.
  2. The burnt out bulb will also create dimness in the image you’re seeing. Dimming is not a good sign, but it let you know that your original lamp has worn out and need to be replaced.
  3. Thirdly, a very simple way is to look at the lamp indicator. It shows how many hours has your lamp has been used. Along with the provided expected lamp life, you’ll know exactly if your lamp has reached its end or not.
  4. Having a spare ready for the day it goes will save alot of trouble!

When you encounter one of the above issues, it’s a great idea to start looking for a SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp, which is a good investment to revive the image quality of your device.

  • OK, this product might be a great idea but why buy it here?

Here on this page, you have all the information you needed which was compiled from reliable sources by us. Not only providing you the information and references in a quick and convenient way, we also hope to provide you a SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp at the cheapest price possible! You don’t have to go anywhere else for both information and for buying!

  • Is this product a good and long lasting item?

We expect this SONY XL-5100 to last at least 6000 hours, which is up to 3-4 years of using. So what should you do in order to reach that expected lamp life and make your money a good investment? We have all of the useful tips right here for you!

  1. Remember to read through the projector/TV manual instruction
  2. Carefully choosing the place to place your device can also help in increasing the lamp life
  3. Cleaning projector/TV’s filter to increase life of both your device and your lamp
  4. Cleaning also your device’s cabinet and lens
  5. Operate your device at economy mode, place it in an airy place, do not turn on and off frequently and always allow some time for the fan to cool off


  • Is it hard to install this product? I’m not very good when it comes to technology stuff.

The installation process is considered to be extremely simple and easy, even for technology-handicapped people. Just some simple steps and you’re ready to discover how great this SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp is!

  1. Turn off your projector/TV and wait for several minutes before unplugging the power cord
  2. Unplug the power cord, then allow at least 30 minutes for the lamp to cool off
  3. Loosen the screw on the rear side panel
  4. Remove the front panel
  5. Loosen the screw with a coin or a similar object to remove the lamp cover
  6. Loosen the two screws that secure the lamp then pull out the lamp. Since the lamp is very hot after being used, please do not touch the front glass of the lamp or the surrounding parts
  7. Mount the new lamp
  8. Mount the lamp cover and tighten the screw
  9. Mount the front panel securely
  10. Mount the rear side panel and tighten the screws

That’s it! Are you ready to revive the quality image back to the glory days when it was first bought? Try this SONY XL-5100 Replacement Lamp now!